may the farce be with you!

mă… mailuri ciudate primesc întruna, da’ ia uitaţi-vă cine îl semnează pe ăsta!

I received your details from a recent equity leading international business round-table engagement. I am a broker linked with high profile investors from the Arabian Gulf who are interested and willing to fund you in any current project you are undergoing, My clients are privately seeking means of expanding their investment portfolio global.

To this end, we seek to know the possibility of going into partnership discussion with your company within your present scope of business. Should you be interested to engage us for a more detailed discussion on the aforementioned proposal, we would be happy to do so in whatever medium you find much more appropriate for this engagement.

I look forward to your favorable response.


George Lucas
Senior Equity Analyst
Hiper Finance Ltd


One Response to may the farce be with you!

  1. Fritz Georges spune:

    WOW, el este, de asemenea, aici!

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